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The Econologics Road Map®
Financial Plan for Professionals


econologics road map

The Econologics Road Map provides the step-by-step instructions to implement the basic policies and procedures of Econologics as learned in the Household Chief Financial Officer workshop. It provides a way to measure progress and results so you can be kept on track with your financial goals. The plan is written and implemented by Econologics Financial Advisors, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor, registered in the State of Florida.


The 9 Elements of a Financial Plan

1. A written and fully implemented comprehensive financial plan

2. Knowledge and competence in correct financial policies and procedures

3. A viable, profitable and expanding business or professional practice

4. Provision for adequate present and future income to achieve life goals

5. A household that is debt-free and has excellent credit

6. A complete, efficient and up-to-date estate plan

7. A fully-optimized tax plan to mitigate present and future taxes

8. Practically all assets protected from loss

9. Suitable and stable investments to fund your financial goals

If you study each of these 9 elements, you will see that if any one of them is not implemented to an optimal result, then any adverse event can wipe out even the best laid plans. So, the proper implementation of a financial plan gets results in all of these areas. Without it, your financial goals will remain out of reach.

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